Not A Mistake (Hot Under Her Collar, Book #1)

Sometimes a scandal isn’t a sin…

On the night she graduates from seminary, Jordan Sykes finds herself in bed with Dominic Lawrence, the ethics professor she’s crushed on for years. Two months later, she discovers she’s pregnant and is determined to hide it to protect his career. Maybe, if she loves her new church like hell, they won’t fire her for being a single mother.

Dominic knows the difference between right and wrong, and he’s filled with remorse after sleeping with his favorite student. He’s offered the job of his dreams, but he’d be a hypocrite to accept without making things right with Jordan first.



Not Over Yet (Hot Under Her Collar #2) 

Some people aren't meant to have it all...

Three years ago, nanny Lily Yee enjoyed a passionate fling with her boss, the recently divorced and extremely eligible Eric Roche. Then the sexy surfer/CEO wanted more than she could give, and she fled to pursue her one true calling—the priesthood.

Eric learned how to love from Lily and wanted to build a happy family with her. But she walked away without explanation, leaving him angry, confused, and…fine, he’ll admit it, occasionally a little desperate for her.

When a crisis in her church leads Lily back into Eric’s arms, his heart calls to her as strongly as the priesthood. He’ll do anything to win her back, but she knows she’s not cut out to juggle a family and a career. She needs to let him go again soon, but she can’t deny they’re not over yet.


Not Another Rock Star (Hot Under Her Collar #3) 

Releasing June 27

Suzannah DeWitt knows how to run a church: As long as she never lets her people see her sweat, she’ll lead them to do miraculous things. But when rock star Rush Perez shows up straight from rehab to play her church’s organ, she finds herself sweating with him quite a lot and feeling like a fool for it. She dated a rock star once, and she swore never to do so again.

Rush hates church, but since he’s in hiding from the paparazzi and his own band in San Francisco, he may as well help out the hot lady-priest. He’s fighting a secret battle with a disease that threatens to take away everything that matters, and an affair with Suzannah is the perfect way to forget his problems. She makes him optimistic about his chances of winning—almost.

Rush’s feelings for Suzannah develop into the epic emotions he usually only sings about. He wants something real, but first he has to stop hiding and let her into his heart. Once he does, will she trust hers to another rock star after all?