The Universe Speaks through a Stop Sign

Stop Doubting Yourself Sign

This Saturday morning on the way home from taking my son to peewee sports, I had to hop out of my car and take a picture of this message from the universe, er--I mean, this stop sign near my house.

I thought I’d pass it on, because I know I can use that reminder sometimes. Maybe some of you can, too.

Stop doubting yourself. (Or Urself, whatever works for you.)

But let me back up for a minute. First, welcome to my gorgeous (if I do say so myself) new website! Lexi at Romanced by the Cover gave me a spring makeover, refreshing the designs Amber at Book Beautiful did for me a few years ago. I really love it! And as a bonus--I gave up doing battle with Wordpress gremlins!

“Nice, Amber,” you say. “But where the heck have you been these last few months?”

Well, the short answer is, I’ve been doing an extra share of adulting.

My father lives alone on the other side of the country. Over the last year, he’s been growing a little confused. Recently he took a sudden turn for the worse and I’ve been grieving his memory loss while also assuming responsibility for his care and his estate. For the record, I was already doing quite enough adulting with work, family, and writing, thank you.

I’m enormously grateful for the all the help I’ve received in this process from family, friends, and healthcare workers. Also, I’m lucky that my dad is being well cared for by kind, knowledgeable people.

Throughout all this, there have been stressful days when, even though I’m hitting my word count, I’m spread so thin that I don’t feel like a writer anymore. On those days, I sometimes drive a different route just so I can go past the "Stop Doubting Yourself" sign for a reminder that I am a writer, damn it, even when life makes extra demands on my time and love on my heart.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on Hot Under Her Collar, Book Three. It’s called Not Another Rock Star.  I was aiming for an Easter pub date, but things with my dad slowed me down a bit. Now, I’m aiming for June 1st.

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Lastly and sadly, those aforementioned Wordpress gremlins ate a lot of my old content. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and getting myself elbows deep in the PHP and the FTP (Don’t ask me what those stand for, but I was ALL UP in there), I have thrown in the towel and decided that the same mystical forces in the universe that send me messages on stop signs also wanted me to recycle some of my favorite old blog posts. So keep your eyes open for flash-fiction reruns and new-to-you musings about writing and life mixed in with actual news about my upcoming releases.